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Green Shamrocks

March 17th, 2015

Members of the BestExec team celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green and shamrocks in a nod to ancient Irish ancestry where the significance of the color green dates back to the 1640s and today serves as a hopeful welcome for an early spring.

The word shamrock in Irish means little or young clover, and this three-leafed plant has long been a symbol of Ireland in its representation of the Trinity during St. Patrick’s efforts to convert the Irish to Christianity as well as during earlier times in pagan Ireland when the number three was significant and attributed to nature’s cycle of renewal and rebirth.

After a particularly grueling and snowy winter, St. Patrick’s Day brings additional relevance and hope to New Englanders as an indicator that spring arrives momentarily… Top of the mornin' and balance of the day to that!

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