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Benchmarking for Top Leadership

March 19th, 2015

No element is more crucial to your successful executive placement than the benchmarking process. It helps you identify accountabilities and performance metrics that are vital components of the senior role you need filled. BestExec goes the extra step to work with you to develop optimized benchmarks based on understanding the value the role plays in your organization as well as key performance indicators you seek in candidates. The result is consensus on your leadership need, defined skills and competencies, better candidates, and a more-informed selection process.

Much has been written about the importance of a strong job description to provide a comprehensive guide to the skills and key responsibilities of a role as well as appeal to candidates. Job descriptions are important and serve multiple purposes in your process, but more can be done to enhance and leverage them as a tool in your executive search.

As a tool in executive recruiting, benchmarking adds value to your job description by helping your team identify the traits, skills, and competencies required in the role; those benchmarks are then used to identify, attract, and ultimately compare top candidates. Without clearly defining what you seek in an executive, it is infinitely more difficult to identify your best leaders.

In addition to targeting candidate attributes, BestExec offers role-specific benchmarking  where the focus is not only the person, but rather, the position you seek to fill. This targeted approach to benchmarking early in the process eliminates human bias and quantifies specific skill sets, behavior, and motivators required to be successful in your role.

By starting with an expanded benchmarking process that encompasses the role as well as attributes desired, companies are able to achieve valuable benefits for identifying and then comparing superior candidates, which ultimately results in selecting those executives who most directly meet your needs and culture.  For more information about BestExec’s unique approach to benchmarking, contact us.

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