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Your Edge in Assessing Executive Finalists

March 30th, 2015

Assessment tools play an important role in choosing talent across the globe regardless of industry. Estimates are that 70-80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use these tools to measure a candidate’s personality type, aptitude, and predictive behaviors in order to make the best hiring decisions for their team. Nowhere is that decision more vital than when selecting your next leader.

As competition for top executive talent and role complexity continue to rise in an evolving job market, a strong assessment tool offers employers multiple benefits. By providing an accurate measurement tool with objective, standardized information, assessment adds value to the hiring process, saving time and resources, and more importantly, resulting in better decision making.

Although useful and necessary, interviews, resumes, and references offer limited, subjective information about candidates. A strong assessment, however, sharpens the picture by providing valuable information about how a candidate’s competencies align with your organization and the role, as well as how they compare with other finalists. Since the consequences of a wrong hire, especially at the executive level, can be disastrous, getting an effective assessment of your finalists’ capabilities and cultural fit becomes an essential piece of the process for making the best hire possible for your team.

At BestExec, candidate assessment is one in a series of consultative steps that enables the firm to provide you with an executive that has both the talent and the cultural fit you seek, so you select a leader who is truly the right match for your company. (see Benchmarking)

Choosing the best candidate from highly qualified finalists is a crucial step in the process, which aided by the TTI Success Insights Executive Assessment tool. This certified assessment tool provides insights into how candidates approach problems, work with others, handle stress, and cope with the demands of the job. The research-based tool measures targeted characteristics as well as five dimensions of superior performance: Behaviors, Motivators, Acumen, Competencies, and Emotional Intelligence.

There are lots of assessment options for the vetting process, and the tools that work best are those customized to your organization's needs and the specifics of your role. With stiff competition for top talent and high stakes to make the right decision, an effective assessment tool provides the level of detail and information necessary to compare how candidates align with your organization's needs and contrast with each other. That way, you make your best hiring decision.

For more information about BestExec’s unique and proven approach to leadership assessment, contact us.

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