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Bank Achieves Second Leadership Hire

January 7th, 2016

Just this month, Radius Bank filled its second VP role with a cost per hire of 20%--well below executive search fees that typically run 30-33% of overall compensation. With BestExec’s unique pricing model blending hourly consulting with retained search, Radius has been successful in finding exceptional talent for these specialized roles while remaining cost effective. Like the hire before it, this recent fill is a direct result of BestExec’s ability to leverage strong referrals, network, find, and attract highly qualified candidates from a limited talent pool.

From the beginning, the team at Radius Bank was intrigued by the innovative approach to executive search that BestExec offers, including the strong partnership, customized strategies for candidate marketing, guarantees, and attractive pricing.

Finding top candidates was challenging as the role required skill sets beyond the scope of traditional bank leaders, including experience with specific clientele and a strong sales background. Given the limited talent pool, BestExec’s innovative approach to candidate outreach and networking really delivered for the Radius team!


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