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Radius Taps BestExec Again--More VP Searches!

September 8th, 2016

Radius achieved its third VP hire with BestExec at more than 40% savings from standard industry fees and again chose the team to lead efforts for two other VP searches. The new VP to the Radius leadership team joins the company this month at its Chicago location, representing the third hire since the bank partnered with BestExec as well as an anchor in a new market for the full-service bank with more than $725 million in assets and state-of-the-art delivery channels.

“The best testament to our services is being asked to conduct two additional searches,” notes BestExec President Jim Sullivan. “We’re excited and honored by the opportunity, and look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership with the Radius executive team.”

Offering a consultative partnership, BestExec led weekly meetings with the Radius team to discuss candidate profiles, provide status updates, and deliver exceptional contenders for a challenging role that required skill sets and experience beyond typical banking leadership. From networking, vetting, and detailed candidate assessments, BestExec is a valued partner in helping Radius connect with top candidates as well as convey the bank’s brand in new markets.

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